September 1999


Greybeard of UOEvil ( invaded OSI’s Sooper Seekrit 3l33t IRC Channelz the other day. Not only did he invade, he took the place over. Now THIS is how to 0wN. Check the full story out at his site.

<Somberlain> this is some kind of joke right?
<Greybeard> joke?
<Greybeard> how so?
<Somberlain> Greaybeard an op in uo-council?
<Greybeard> What can I say, Evil is Good
<Greybeard> Soon I will be moving into Garriot’s castle and tooling around in his 911 turbo

LET’S ROCK [Author: lum]

OK, this is a test of the scary yet oddly soothing Lum News Updater. With this post I finally leave editing by hand behind and join the 20th century. I am sure that Newton Dragon will be very grateful for this simple, unpreposessing upgrade to the site.

With this new news system I can now throw up on the web at irregular intervals, even potentially from a Dreamcast, even though I don’t own one nor do I really know anyone who has one. But theoretically, it’s possible.

If you want this scary yet strangely soothing news update system on your own site, go here: It’s cool, really. I added the icon thing in mere seconds.